The Best Telesales Tips and Techniques

Telesales can be tricky business and every call center agent knows the trials and tribulations that come with trying to connect with customers over the phone. However if done right, telesales can be an invaluable asset to your business and highly effective at bringing in new customers, upgrading existing customers and reconnecting with past customers. To help you gain success in the telesales arena, take a look at the best telesales tips and techniques.

Be prepared

Lack of preparation is telesales worst enemy if you want your call to be a success then the more repaired you are the better. This means being prepared for every kind of consumer and every angle. This means knowing who you are talking to, what they want and what you can give them usually lack of preparation falls down to poor training.

Be patient

Patience is virtue when it comes to great telesales from energy call centres. You may spend hours calling and not getting a good response but at some point you will get the response you want. You should practice patience with your customers and work to generate business for your company.

Be positive

No matter how down and out you feel through rejections you should maintain a positive attitude. Customers will react better to a happy and positive tone that encourages friendliness. Boredom, exhaustion and a negative attitude will turn a customer away from the call.

Be persistent

Always dedicate the time to follow up on calls, this is an essential aspect of closing that much needed sale and will help you succeed. You will need to stick to our promise and call when you said you would to show that you are competent and true to your word. Building trust is integral when it comes to telesales and this means persistence and sticking to your word.